patio party

i'm finishing up goldenGrey's mid-summer lookbook, which i plan to release in the next several days.  there are a few things in the works for goldenGrey that i'm pretty excited about, so keep us on your radar.    

it's finally summer in san francisco.  at least for the next several days.  everything on me is vintage, except for my round sunnies and bahama kangaroo necklace by yukako ezoe.  this wanna-be fred flintstone dress is one of my go-to dresses for when warm weather arrives.  it's lightweight and flows gracefully.  i feel so feminine in this piece.  i dug-up these peep-toes from storage.  i love the gold wedge on them.  black felt hat was found at my favorite vintage store, flashbacks, in hillcrest, san diego.  i'm a guaranteed sale at each visit. 

jo anne