thirty one & thankful

--  floral pullover, american apparel  --  evan picone trousers, vintage  --  
shoes, jc  -- 

i'm grateful for family, friends and love.  

my birthday and thanksgiving shared the same day this year.  it's nice when that happens.  it means family all under one roof, a ton of food and a plethora of desserts.  the bf is always so sweet on special occasions.  he makes it a point to get me flowers and my favorite dessert.  this year he surprised me with tulips, hot tea and the best pecan pie on this planet (from whole foods).  we celebrated the day at my cousin's house in petaluma.  my sister played photographer and we got a quick shoot in.  thanks, hillery!

i purchased this top at the american apparel warehouse sale.  i also got this in white.  there weren't too many of these available so i picked up what i could.  if you're in a city that hosts an aa warehouse sale, you should for surely check it out.  it's a great way to knock-out your christmas shopping.  i must add that some of their inventory is damaged/irregular, so pay close attention to detail.  the white floral mesh jumper that i picked up had some discoloration.  but i think a little bleach will cure that.

i hope you all had  a wonderful holiday.

xx & love,
jo anne


rain on me

glasses - lookmatic  \\  jacket - american apparel  \\  cropped tee - diy  \\  boots - vintage acme  \\  skirt & accessories - vintage

i planned on doing a blog shoot today, but my camera battery died on me.....and now it's raining.  blah.  so, instagram it is! 

my optometrist told me that i need to scale back on wearing contact lenses.  i took his advice and stocked up on several different frames.  i came across a few websites that offered cool lookin eyewear at affordable prices.  the brand that stood out the most was lookmatic, formerly spex club.  they've got some really awesome frames for all sorts of looks and faces.  i like to think of them how i think of shoes.  they can make or break your ensemble.  i had these frames on at first, then switched to the above to complete my 90's look.  oh, and couldn't forget about the berry lipstick - rebel by mac :)  this outfit is pretty comfy.  slouch blazer, loose crop tee, vintage maxi skirt and cowboy boots.  it's an easy look, especially on these cold days that bring out the lazy person in me.

have a happy weekend!

jo anne



jacket - harajuku mini  \\  striped top - old navy  \\  leggings - american apparel 
\\ boots - thrifted  \\ crown - gifted

yesterday, we celebrated my daughter's 5th birthday.  it's amazing how much of her character has come out this past year.  she's now her own person: an aspiring artist, a bookworm, an overachiever, a sassy scorpio, a great student, a thoughtful friend, a caring human, a loving daughter.  she inspires me in so many different ways.

we were out shopping over the weekend to pick out her birthday present.  we came across this faux leather jacket by harajuku mini.  she immediately grabbed it, tried it on and asked us "can i buy this with my gift card?"  of course i replied yes.  i will admit i am a bit envious as i've been on the hunt for a vintage moto jacket for years.  can't seem to find the perfect cut/fit, but that's a whole other story.  we walked away with that and a camera for her leapster explorer.  the american apparel leggings are probs one of her favorite pieces of clothing right now.  she calls them her disco pants.  we scored them at the american apparel warehouse sale for $10.  yesterday, we took her out to crissy field to skip rocks, enjoy the scenery, then jumped around at the house of air.  we ended the day with dinner at craw station in the inner sunset.  it was a good time.  happy birthday, adorabella!

here a couple of instagram snaps of the little lady and the b-dizzle.

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xx, ja


the painted lion

tee, jacket, boots, belt, buckle & accessories - vintage \\ black skinnies - cheap monday \\
studded beanie - michael kors

hi!  it's been a while since i've done one of these.  life has suddenly taken a left turn and i've been consumed.  left, luckily, being a good direction.  once the dust settles, i'll be able to spend more time doing things like this.  i'm sitting on a pile of lovely clothing for you gals, but i'm one person and it's a shit ton of work.  it'll get out soon....but at turtle-speed.  

i love this lion tee.  i've had it for years.  i recently cut the sides open and have a new found love for it.  i wear this at least twice a week.  don't be surprised if you see this posted more than three times.  levi's jacket is new.  lace-up boots are also worn several times a week.  they're embossed leather.  so comf.  the studded beanie was from last fall...it was a pressie from the bf.  it's our daughter's 5th birthday tomorrow.  we're thankful everyday that she is in our lives.  she's our hero.  our love and light.  here she is :)


jo anne



almost there

our first batch of goods will be released in a few days.  this fishtail dress, which is really hard to part with, will be up for grabs.  peep the merch at goldenGreySF.com.  like us on facebook for announcements and to receive 10% your purchase.

have a lovely holiday weekend!

jo anne



a few goldenGrey pieces made a cameo in a music video for j-ricz.  i'm looking forward to seeing the final product.  

styled by jane park, produced by jj casasmotionscope studies   



my best friend, ivy ladiao, creator of polystitch is rolling out her first batch of hand-crafted clutches and purses.  very hip, super stylish and made with nothing but love.  friend her on facebook to access her portfolio of goodness.  expect some cool 'goldenGrey loves polystitch' give-aways and collabos in the near.     



august lookbook

here it is.....our first lookbook.  in a couple of weeks, all of the mentioned goods and more will be up on the store site for sale.  special thanks to my beautiful friend erica bertumen of gloss addiction for modeling once again.  you make these shoots so easy!  if you haven't already, like us on facebook for promos and happenings - www.facebook.com/shopgoldengreysf.


sunday's best

men's levi's tee, floral dress reconstructed by goldenGrey, doc marten darcies 

hi again!  i've been a negligent blogger.  so here's a quickie outfit post as my apology.  enjoyed sunday afternoon at the indiemart with my boy and our really good friends.  scarfed down some delicious chicken and waffles by angry man eats.  and found some pretty amazing embossed leather boots.  will do a post soon. 

goldenGrey lookbook coming this week.  i promise!

jo anne


patio party

i'm finishing up goldenGrey's mid-summer lookbook, which i plan to release in the next several days.  there are a few things in the works for goldenGrey that i'm pretty excited about, so keep us on your radar.    

it's finally summer in san francisco.  at least for the next several days.  everything on me is vintage, except for my round sunnies and bahama kangaroo necklace by yukako ezoe.  this wanna-be fred flintstone dress is one of my go-to dresses for when warm weather arrives.  it's lightweight and flows gracefully.  i feel so feminine in this piece.  i dug-up these peep-toes from storage.  i love the gold wedge on them.  black felt hat was found at my favorite vintage store, flashbacks, in hillcrest, san diego.  i'm a guaranteed sale at each visit. 

jo anne