the painted lion

tee, jacket, boots, belt, buckle & accessories - vintage \\ black skinnies - cheap monday \\
studded beanie - michael kors

hi!  it's been a while since i've done one of these.  life has suddenly taken a left turn and i've been consumed.  left, luckily, being a good direction.  once the dust settles, i'll be able to spend more time doing things like this.  i'm sitting on a pile of lovely clothing for you gals, but i'm one person and it's a shit ton of work.  it'll get out soon....but at turtle-speed.  

i love this lion tee.  i've had it for years.  i recently cut the sides open and have a new found love for it.  i wear this at least twice a week.  don't be surprised if you see this posted more than three times.  levi's jacket is new.  lace-up boots are also worn several times a week.  they're embossed leather.  so comf.  the studded beanie was from last fall...it was a pressie from the bf.  it's our daughter's 5th birthday tomorrow.  we're thankful everyday that she is in our lives.  she's our hero.  our love and light.  here she is :)


jo anne


  1. wooow
    So rock!! Lovely <33


  2. love it, so tough but still hot stuff! i'm still down to style up any of your piece/s to feature on my blog, let me know! and happy 5th birthday to your little cutie! love her dress :)

  3. thanks, megan <3 and i would love to send you a bunch of stuff. let me get organized and we'll set something up. xx.