thirty one & thankful

--  floral pullover, american apparel  --  evan picone trousers, vintage  --  
shoes, jc  -- 

i'm grateful for family, friends and love.  

my birthday and thanksgiving shared the same day this year.  it's nice when that happens.  it means family all under one roof, a ton of food and a plethora of desserts.  the bf is always so sweet on special occasions.  he makes it a point to get me flowers and my favorite dessert.  this year he surprised me with tulips, hot tea and the best pecan pie on this planet (from whole foods).  we celebrated the day at my cousin's house in petaluma.  my sister played photographer and we got a quick shoot in.  thanks, hillery!

i purchased this top at the american apparel warehouse sale.  i also got this in white.  there weren't too many of these available so i picked up what i could.  if you're in a city that hosts an aa warehouse sale, you should for surely check it out.  it's a great way to knock-out your christmas shopping.  i must add that some of their inventory is damaged/irregular, so pay close attention to detail.  the white floral mesh jumper that i picked up had some discoloration.  but i think a little bleach will cure that.

i hope you all had  a wonderful holiday.

xx & love,
jo anne

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  1. how nice, happy belated birthday! this is so pretty and i looove your hair! i really want a digital perm now!!